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Notice of Change to different Web sites: John Rhodes
February 21, 2011 06:25 PM PST
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Dear Poetry Podcast TV Friends. This is John Rhodes director of the San Francisco Open Mic Poetry Podcast TV Show. Due to the high expense of running this site here at http://mysticbabylon.podomatic,com , please shift to watching this to either http://sanfranciscopoetry.blip.tv or in the near future to http://mysticbabylon.blip.tv. http://mysticbabylon.blip.tv will eventually have all my old podcasts on it possibly with photoslide shows added, but look for the http://sanfranciscopoetry.blip.tv as being the main site. Also if you would like to view these videos on the Roku box or Boxee box, they are available there on the blip.tv ap on your TV, if you search there for the title San Francisco Open Mic Poetry Podcast TV. For a full listing of my sites, visit http://rhodespoetry.com. I still have to update the listing there but that is where I will put my list. Also. please visit archive.org by clicking on the image in this sites sidebar to see videos not in my podcasts, of long poetry festivals and events. Thank-you for your patience and please keep watching. This site will be downgraded in April, so be prepared for the change.

Mystic Babylon Open Mic Poetry Podcast No. 52 : A Repost
February 17, 2008 08:25 AM PST
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This is the 2nd full length open mike poetry podcast recording of "Mystic Babylon" from the Haight in San Francisco. I am recording poems from the Word Beat Series of open mic poetry sessions in Berkeley from Telegraph Avenue right near the People's Park. The Word Beat web site is at http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/wordbeat . The poet from there is Michael Kelly, and I, John Rhodes am reading some of my poetry as usual too. I hope you enjoy it.

Mystic Babylon Open Mic Poetry Podcast: No. 48
November 23, 2007 08:36 AM PST
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Hello. This is John Rhodes and this is Mystic Babylon Open Mike Poetry podcast in audio today. Today we have 3 poets besides me. We have some more of the poetry from the Poem Dome celebration last April. We have in order: Daniel Yaryan, Paul Corman Roberts, and Kim Johnson. I as usual will read a few poems in the beginning. At the beginning of next month I will have another Comcast Cable Access 29 show for you to watch. Please stay tuned for it and I hope you enjoy this audio podcast. Just a reminder, my TV shows re-run on channel 29 1-3 times week and if you look here: http://accessf.org/guide/schedule/ every two days, you can see when to see my show, and you will in this way, be able to see the TV show in its full resolution…if you live in the San Francisco Area. Please, also, buy the books of the authors on this web site. My book of poetry is: Spirits of Bondage and Inherent Transcendence. For you Poem Dome addicts visit: http://www.poemdome.com . The Picture above is of Daniel Yaryan.

Mystic Babylon Open Mic Poetry Podcast: No: 37
November 02, 2007 07:05 AM PDT
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Hello! This is Mystic Babylon broadcasting from near Haight Street with the best of San Francisco poetry. Today we have some poetry from two other poets besides me. First I have some poetry from a poet who asked me a long time ago to record some of her works named Lenore Weiss. She gave me a disk of what she called cell-phone poetry and I extracted one small snippet from that recording.
After that I have some poetry from a poet named David Alpaugh. He also runs a small press. David Alpaugh’s works have appeared in more than a hundred literary journals and anthologies. His first collection, Counterpoint, won a prize, and is published by Story Line Press. He has had chapbooks published by Coracle Books and Pudding House Publications.
His new book HEAVY LIFTING has just been published by Alehouse Press. Order it direct from the poet for $15 postpaid: Small Poetry Press Distribution, P.O. Box 5342, Concord, CA 94524, or go to:
http://www.alehousepress.com . He has his small press at: http://www.smallpoetrypress.com .
May I remind you to read and buy our books. My poetry book is: Spirits of Bondage and Inherent Transcendence, and my new novel is called: Little Bird Told Me. My voice-over for that book is almost finished and as soon as I get it submitted to Audible.com in its full version, for sale, I will start posting it chapter by chapter over a whole year.
David's picture and part of the cover from his new book is above.
Remember, as Poor Richard’s Almanac said, “Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees”.

MYstic Babylon Open Mic Poetry podcast: No. 35
November 02, 2007 06:44 AM PDT
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Hello. This is Mystic Babylon Open Mike Poetry Podcast broadcasting from near the Haight in San Francisco. Today I have one poet besides me. The poet is named Tom Odegard. You can buy his book, or chapbooks, by writing: Tom Odegard
P.O. Box 2808, Friday Harbor, Washington, 98250, or by sending an email to: tommsg@gmail.com . All of this info will be in the web site show notes and Tom will give more info when he introduces himself when he reads. You can see the cover of his newly produced book, right here above the show notes. It is entitled: Past Lives Led. I decided I am going to read part of the first chapter of my new novel, “Little Bird Told Me” that just came out. If you want to read the full first chapter it is posted at: http://www.rhodespoetry.com. I’ll probably read 6 minutes. Please consider buying my and the other author's books. My book is available through Authorhouse for a reduced price and for a little more from Barnes and Noble. The reading segment will start shortly.

Mystic Babylon Open Mic Poetry Podcast: No. 28
October 29, 2007 06:20 PM PDT
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Hello. This is Mystic Babylon Open Mike Poetry Podcast broadcasting from near the Haight. Today we have two poets besides me. These poets are H.D. Moe and Doug Reese. H.D. Moe has many, many books out which can be purchased from numerous places, the main one being his web site at: http://www.hdmoe.com . The second poet, Doug Reese is a close friend of Moe’s and has some very good poems here.
I, being much like the Huichol Indians in Mexico who eat Peyote, don’t have curse words in my vocabulary, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huichol), but I try not to rationalize and censor, when people want to use them in their poems, so, I have permitted a few to slip under the wire. Even when censoring serves its purpose it is also a form of rational analysis based on preset values that impose upon the freedom of the mind. I have thusly put explicit on this particular podcast in iTunes, whatever that must mean.
May I remind you to buy the author’s books. My book is, “Spirits of Bondage and Inherent Transcendence”. It is fun buying books to put on your shelves. I am waiting, for instance, for Donovon’s newly published autobiography: “The Hurdy Gurdy Man”. My new book, “Little Bird Told Me” might delay a little bit, but be patient, and it will be out soon.

Mystic Babylon Open Mic Poetry Podcast: No. 26
October 29, 2007 06:04 PM PDT
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Hello, this is Mystic Babylon Open Mike Poetry Podcast recording from near the Haight in San Francisco. Today we have only one poet besides me, but we have a special treat today. We have Judith Barnett who works at the Beat Museum in the North Beach area of San Francisco near City Lights Bookstore where the Beats came from. The URL of the Beat Museum is: http://www.thebeatmuseum.org . I met her at the open mikes that they hold there regularly.
I have one proverb to state as we approach the end of this intro that I hope you consider worthy. Why do we fight battles in Iraq where more people die, when we could fight battles on Cancer right in the U.S. where fewer people would die? As you might notice in Judith’s poetry she talks about her fight with Cancer. Let’s hope that she wins. I remember reading a book when I was about ten years old about cancer called “Death Be Not Proud”, by John Gunther. I recommend it.
Judith has a book coming out hopefully in February. It is called “Critics and Other Lovers”. Please by it if you can. You will probably be able to buy it through the Beat Museum.

Mystic Babylon Open Mic Poetry Podcast: No. 24
October 26, 2007 05:05 AM PDT
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Hello again. This is Mystic Babylon Open Mike Poetry Podcast broadcasting from near the Haight with as usual, for my audio podcast, two other poets. The two poets are Joanna Planteen whose pen name is Monique Marquisa de Magdelena, and the other poet is Dorothy Walters. Joanna, or Monique, as she calls herself, is going to have an all-female poetry collective with a first show Dec. 2nd. Info about this can be found at: http://www.thebeatmuseum.org , or http://www.thewordparty.com . From what I understand, it will be at the Beat Museum at 7:00 pm the aforementioned day. You can hear some of Monique’s early all-girl band at http://www.inflatableboyclams.com . She hopes to have a web site running at http://www.moniquepoet.com within a few weeks or so .
Dorothy Walters has two books out. She is into Kundalini awakening, and writes about it in her books. Her poetry book is entitled: “Marrow of Flame” which are poems of a spiritual journey, and she has another book, a spiritual auto-biography, called “Unmasking the Rose” which she describes as a record of a Kundalini Initiation also with some poetry in it. She has a blog at http://kundalinisplendor.blogspot.com .
Must I remind you to buy our books. My book is available from most on-line bookstores and is called: “Spirits of Bondage and Inherent Transcendence”. I probably will only read 60 or 70 of the poems online from that book which has a total of about 180 poems in it so please buy it, to read the rest of the poems. I want to publish another book of poems that I have, but I need your support so I can afford it. At least, thanks for listening. The photo is an image of Dorothy Walters.

Mystic Babylon Open Mike Poetry Podcast: No. 19
October 23, 2007 06:51 PM PDT
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who prefers to be called, Eugene David.
Marvin Hiemstra is most well-known in connection with the local Literary Magazine, Bay Area Poets Seasonal Review. He is also a poet who has been nominated for a Pulitzer prize in poetry. If you would like to contact him about his magazine or purchasing any of his works contact him at: drollmarv@aol.com .
David Eugene Partch is a prolific poet of the Bay Area who has many chapbooks out. His chapbooks are available through his web site, and can be mail ordered from him personally through the address listed there. His web site is: http://www.thesighting.com .
Both poets will go into more detail about themselves when they read.
I, as usual, will read 3 of my poems from my book , “Spirits of Bondage and Inherent Transcendence”. Please, also, if you can, buy the author’s books.
The picture above is of Marvin Hiemstra.
I am shortly going to be experimenting with having video poetry podcasts. I will still have audio ones, but am trying to figure out a way to also have video poetry readings, so stay tuned.
Let me add a note. I accidentally loaded the poetry to the internet without me, the first time, so this version has me, John Rhodes in it. Sorry about that.

Mystic Babylon Open Mike Poetry Podcast: No.18
October 23, 2007 06:44 PM PDT
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Hello again, This is Mystic Babylon Open Mike Poetry Podcast broadcasting from near the Haight in San Francisco. Today we are having two poets besides me. They are James Frame and J.R. Jimmy Hammond. James Frame grew up in Sonoma California, lived in San Francisco most of his adult life, and was a Combat Medic in the Vietnam War. He was influenced by the beat poets, and Robinson Jeffers as a young man. He remembers reading in open mikes way back in the 70’s, in North Beach and in the Haight at the “Blue Unicorn”. The 70’s doesn’t sound that far back, but I guess to this generation it is.
J. R. Jimmy Hammond is a big fixture in the San Francisco open mikes, and was a district winner in the Poets Eleven Contest in San Francisco, which is to a large extent run by the poet laureate of San Francisco, Jack Hirschman. He was influenced by Bukowski.
These two poets I connected up with at the 3300 Club at 30th and Mission.
I will as usual read 3 of my poems from my book, "Spirits of Bondage and Inherent Transcendence” .
I hope you like the little icon banner I posted above this intro. Enjoy the open mic poetry. The photo of Jimmy Hammond is courtesy of Clara Hsu.

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